Collared Kink In BDSM- Is it a Sexual Disorder, Kink, Or A Taboo?

Collared Kink In BDSM

BDSM play is a game of dominance and submission relationships, where mostly submissive males and females wear various props and costumes during role play. A Collared chain is one common BDSM prop that is often worn by submissives around their necks. But getting collared during sex is something that is hard to digest for traditional sex followers.

Different people have different perspectives and opinions about the Collar fetish. For someone, it might be a kink that getting collared makes them sexually aroused. For Others, collared submissive play is part of the training process. BDSM play is a vast ocean, and there’s no one size fits all solution for how to please your dominant males or females. 

Also, it all falls on the kind of dominant person you’re playing with. If you’re a veteran or someone who is just getting started with BDSM relationships, this blog post is for you. BDSM involves a lot of things, and there’s always room to learn new things and heat things up under the sheets. What is the point of being collared? Does it feel good? DDLG meaning in layman’s terms?  

It’s good to have such questions because BDSM with a lack or zero knowledge can turn out to be a Devil’s move. Let’s learn more about it from here! 

First Things First, What is BDSM? 

BDSM is a popular sex category that you might have seen on various adult sites, or probably heard about it and now your hormones are fizzing out to try it with your partner. But what is the exact meaning of BDSM? Is it all about sex, whips, and cuffs? 

The abbreviation of the term BDSM is Bondage Discipline Sadism And Masochism. BDSM is a category that includes a spectrum of sexual acts- From age play to impact play to bondage, it’s a vast ocean. The main highlight of BDSM play is to explore kink pleasure through moral degradation or sweet pain of the flesh. BDSM is often used as erotic foreplay that is mostly used in sex. The concept of BDSM fetish foreplay is far beyond what is wrongly shown on the internet. In porn- BDSM is all about forceful sex, no consent, and objectifying women as sex objects, but the reality is poles apart. BDSM is all about the exchange of power, making love, respect, and consent. 

What Does Collar in Video Symbolize? 

Being collared in BDSM play gives the impression of being committed. It symbolizes a strong relationship of dominance and submissiveness between the partner. Also, it also represents the submissive is known as a slave of the dominant partner who is playing a role of a master. 

What Does it Mean When a Dom Collars a Sub? 

For many people, getting collared sissy is something offensive and unacceptable. Some people believe that sex is sacred and it should be about giving respect to your partner. But BDSM is totally opposite of it which breaches the norms and laws of traditional sex followers. When a dom partner collars a sub, it represents that the sub male/female is connected to the dom in some way. To what extent? Well, that depends on the bond and the boundaries that you have created in your Dom and submissive relationship. 

What Does It Mean When A Dom Collars A Sub?  DDLG


Also, there are types of subs that might only want to have BDSM collared submissive in the bedroom. This is how it goes- A dom collars his/her sub during foreplay or plays session from the moment your partner enters into submissive play and agrees upon rules. Once the session is over, the collar is removed. 

Types of BDSM Collars 

There is a spectrum of collar fetish that people do during dom and sub relationship with their partner. Here we’ve assembled some different types of collared BDSM relationships that you can also try with your submissive partners- 

Training Collars 

Training collars show a sub partner is in training and it’s not a permanent collared sub relationship. 

Permanent Collars 

The permanent collars relationship shows a strong bond that can be considered equal to marriage. People in permanent collar relationships can also wear collar chains 24/7, which shows commitment. Some collars can also be secured with a lock key and only the dom partner has a key to unlock it. Unlocking the collar means ending the relationship. However, some people don’t prefer to wear them permanently.

Protection Collars 

Protection collars are worn to keep dominants away from subs who aren’t permanently collared. It’s more than just wearing a fake engagement ring. The dominant promises protection and also takes some responsibility for their submissive partners. 

Earning a Collar 

Earning a collar is just like proposing to someone for a wedding ring. If you want a dom someone to give you a collared sub, you may require to earn it in their way. For some people, earning a collar is all about spending time together, knowing each other, and seeing the future with your partner- just like normal relationship goals.

During this, you need to be a good submissive partner. Being a good sub is not just about sex or supporting dom in kinky activities, it’s all about dedicating yourself to higher personal growth. For example- breaking bad habits can be one example of earning your collar.

What does DDLG Mean?

Like BDSM, DDLG is also often misunderstood. Is it a sexual disorder? A kink? An Incest? We can’t really blame people because there’s no single definition of DDLG and it sounds different from one person to another. So, what does DDLG stand for? The acronym for DDLG is Daddy Dom Little Girl in a BDSM sex play. Most couples do roleplay just for fun, and some do it as a healing therapy. While other legends see DDLG as a large part of their personality.

DDLG is the Form Of Age-Play 

DDLG is a large part of BDSM sex play- It’s a type of sex fetish where each partner takes the role that is- Dome the caregiver daddy and sub a little child. Most often dominant takes the role of a caregiver daddy, but they can switch roles- for example – a little brat’s child or princess asking daddy for sexual favors. Age play can be sexual, but it’s not mandatory. Most couples practice it in private bedroom encounters. 

Three Shades of DDLG Relationships 

Collared Kink In BDSM

If you’re tired of a routine or monotonous sex life then DDLG is a perfect way to summon lusty cupids under the sheets with your partner. DDLG will reignite the lost spark of your sex life. It can improve your bond strong, and make your sex life kinkier than before. But DDLG is not just about age play, there are three more shades that you might have not heard of before. Here we have assembled three types of DDLG relationships- 

Vanilla relationship 

In a vanilla relationship, the partner doesn’t have sex during roleplay, but plays the role of a caregiver and has a little relationship. 

Kinky relationship

In kinky relationships, the role play stems from vanilla where a daddy takes care of his little princess, but sometimes the brat child does some bad things and requires some punishment which leads to the erotic rollercoaster. 

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Hardcore (BDSM) 

Hardcore BDSM is not about daddy and brat princess, it’s more about master/slave play. In hardcore BDSM a master/mistress takes control over the life of his/her submissive slaves. 


A collar mostly symbolizes true commitment between dom and sub, it’s all upon you if you want to continue with the collared-wearing ritual or not. This can be the extreme type of sex fetish, and cannot be a sweet drag for everyone. If this is not for you, it’s alright. Talk it out with your partner, and take things slow if you’re new to this BDSM world’s culture. We hope you have a good read and gained some relevant insights from today’s blog post. Stay tuned for more amazing blogs- Keep loving and keep the sex alive! Have a great day everyone! 

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