Spice Things up With a Foot Fetish

Elevate your BDSM experience with powerful foot jobs. Foot fetish is a very common sexual kink and can help you boost your foreplay when performed in the right way. You can get a foot-kinkier fetish from various kinds of things. Some people can get aroused by the smell of your feet and socks, some can like the nail paint or other accessories on your nails, or some people can even get aroused by the stockings in your legs.

In fact, there are several scientific theories related to a foot fetish and why it is very pleasurable during sex. One of the main reasons behind it is there are several nerve endings at the end of the feet when rubbed, sucked, or kissed give an ample amount of fun and satisfaction. 

For some couples, a foot fetish is also a kind of power play that includes submission and domination. Some people have a massive feet kink and the idea of worshiping feet gives them a sense of submission during power play. Some ask their partner to caress their partner’s feet all over their body due to the sense of domination it gives, much like using a BDSM collar. In this article, we will give you in-depth knowledge about Foot fetishes, the kinds of foot fetishes, and how to give the best foot job to your partner. So, without any further delay get your hormones flowing.

What Is A Foot Fetish?

What Is A Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish, also known as podophilia, is a sexual inclination toward the foot. You may have a foot fetish if you are highly turned on by the smell of your partner’s foot or find it really appealing to observe your partner’s nail paint or shoes. Earlier, foot fetishes were mostly considered taboo, and people didn’t use to talk about fetishes and mostly were considered as a “gay thing”. But, the online platforms like Onlyfans fetishes are a very common sexual kink interest and there are various genres of foot fetishes and foot jobs that are even available on various porn websites.

The popularity of the foot fetishes went high after it was showcased in a very sensual way in various movies, series, and songs. If you are very new to foot fetish, one thing that you should do is communicate with your partner about your desires because not everyone is fascinated by every new thing when it comes to sex. So, always take your partner’s consent before trying out any new things to get the most pleasure and satisfaction in your foot job.

Why Do People Like Foot Fetishes?

Why Do People Like Foot Fetishes

It has been proved in a recent survey that foot fetishes are one of the most popular fetishes among BDSM Relationship due to the impeccable pleasures and sensation that it offers to an individual. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why foot fetishes are one of the most liked foot fetishes among people:

Biological Aspect

One of the most interesting facts shown by various studies stated that our feet have thousands of nerve endings and when it is sucked, kissed, or licked in the right manner give a high stimulation which gives massive satisfaction and arousal. Hence, tickling the feet can be very sensual and thrilling when performed during foreplay and can be done by french ticklers.

Heights of Humiliation

Foot jobs or feet fetishes can provide a sense of humiliation, where it is considered you are submissive or below your partner and your partner playing the dominant role. When performed in a sensual way, it can give a high BDSM kink that can enhance your BDSM experience without any use of BDSM Toys like sexual handcuffs or ankle cuffs. Including a few foot accessories and incorporating heels, stockings, and hosiery can elevate your foot game and make your feet look more appealing and sensual. 

How to Convince Your Partner for a FootJob

How to Convince Your Partner for a FootJob

Although a Foot job is a very sensual and thrilling experience, still everyone may not like it. You should always talk with your partner beforehand and brief them on everything beforehand so that the receiver or the giver doesn’t end up getting disappointed. Mentioned below are some of the ways to convince your partner for a footjob.

Always Start Slow

Do not dump all your desires and fetishes all at once over your partner. Always take it slow and talk to your partner before trying out anything new. Everyone may not be a big fan of feet fetishes and when performed uninformed, it can create a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. So, communicate with your partner and decide the pace that it should go, likes and dislikes to get a more clear picture of their preference.

Discuss at the Right Time

Always find the right time to take up the conversation regarding Foot fetishes. Always start slow by complementing how you are enchanted by the beauty of their feet. Make them feel how much you love to play with their feet and find a suitable time to convey these emotions like when you are spending quality time together, shopping, or relaxing. Do not just bluff your desires all at once in the heat of the moment. Such situations can make your experience more chaotic and unpleasant.

How to Give a Great Footjob

Here are the points you should take care if you want to give your partner a mind blowing footjob.

How to Give a Great Footjob

Foot Appearance and Selfies

Enhance your foot appearance by getting pedicures, which will provide soft and clean ankles, that can be a great turn-on for your ankle kink. Pedicures will give you smell-free, dirt-free feet. When your partner decides to suck or kiss and play with your feet, the hygiene of the feet will not be a barrier in your foreplay.

You can make things more exciting by sending selfies of your feet to your partner by adding certain accessories and modeling your foot by wearing stockings and heels to make your selfies more appealing.

Set Your Mood with an Amazing Foreplay

Foot job is one of the sexiest ways to start your lovemaking. Start by caressing her feet slowly by touching, tickling, and kissing her feet. Start slowly by gliding your feet all over your partner’s body to create more stimulation. For making the job more thrilling, you can utter some safe words in her ear, then start by rubbing your feet against your partner’s feet for  more arousal and take your foreplay to the next level.

You can also try to rub your foot against the crotch for more intense foreplay and even use your feet for penetration, you can also use BDSM handcuffs, and a ball gag for deeper arousal.

Try Amazing Foot Massage

Get your partner into their knees by giving a sensual foot massage. Make your partner crave the touch and feel during the massage. Do not just simply rub your partner’s toe or massage; try to elevate the experience by rubbing and giving a massage in a sensual way to make her want more. Start by teasing her feet by tickling the bottom of the feet, and then maintain eye contact with your partner and start with lovemaking to get sensual Feet kink, make them feel erotic and passionate about the whole process and feel connected with your motion.

How to Make Your Feet Healthier And More Appealing

How to Make Your Feet Healthier And More Appealing

To make your foot job more exciting and pleasurable, it is always essential to clean your feet and make your feet cleaner. Here are some of the tips to make your feet more healthy and appealing which are as follows:

  • Always wear shoes that are loose and have some space for the air to pass. This prevents your feet from smelling bad. Always wear shoes of the right size to prevent bad blisters and casualness. You should always go for cloth-based material on shoes so that you do not sweat and experience any bad odor. You should wear heels on occasion only because wearing heels on a daily basis can give you blisters and cuts on your feet.
  • Always take care of your feet by applying daily moisturizers and doing regular pedicures. Applying daily moisturizers will keep your feet soft and prevent them from drying out. Pedicures can be helpful in making the cuticles of the nails more appealing and healthy.
  • If you have extremely sweaty feet, make sure to wear socks, and spray antifungal foot spray to keep your feet free from bacteria. Always wear breathable shoes and apply certain homemade DIY like Camphor in your shoes to make them less sweaty and odor-free.
  • Do not forget to wash your feet on a daily basis after coming home from outside. Washing your feet daily makes your feet free from regular bacteria and fungi. Follow some basic tips, like soaking your feet in warm water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, that can help you get rid of unwanted odor and blisters.

Possible Risks Related to Foot Jobs

Possible Risks Related to Foot Jobs

Though there are no definite risks of a foot job in general, there are certain risks that you should always keep in your mind before giving a foot job:

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs): Some STIs can be spread by rubbing skin against skin, while some are spread through vaginal contact. Via skin-to-skin contact, genital and oral herpes as well as the human papillomavirus (HPV) can be transmitted. Moreover, oral contact with open sores can spread syphilis.
  • Cuts: Delicate skin near the penis, vagina, or anus can be damaged by too sharp toenails. If you are going to get your feet engaged in the activity, keep your toenails clipped and tidy. ask the other person to do the same.
  • Skin Infection: A skin infection called molluscum contagiosum can leave sores or raised bumps on the skin. Skin-to-skin contact allows for the transmission of it. A very contagious skin ailment is impetigo. Athletes’ foot and other fungal illnesses can be spread through contact with diseased skin or even through shoes that an affected person wears.


A Foot fetish is one of the most common techniques to get sexual kink and it gives immense pleasure and happiness to both the receiver and the giver. Do not make the whole process fast in the heat of the moment. Start by giving some time, it can be a wonderful way to get an orgasm. If you want to take your BDSM play to the next level, you can try to penetrate your toes, which will give an extra edge to your foreplay. 

Always communicate with your partner before trying out any such things and don’t forget to take care of your feet. Always wash your feet with warm water and apply daily moisturizer which will make your feet soft and appealing. So, if are a beginner and can’t decide whether you should give it a try or not, then leave all your worries behind and get on with one of the most exciting ankle job after following the tips discussed above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is it like to have a foot fetish?

According to the report published by Nature, among all other fetishes, foot fetish is one of the most prevalent fetishes. It is known for its erotic arousal and it is a great starter to begin sex. You can start by caressing your finger, all over the legs then start by licking, kissing, and sucking feet. You can use nipple clamps for increased sensation. If you have a foot fetish and are not sure whether your partner is into it or not, always communicate with your partner before giving a foot job.

Q2. How you can enhance your foot job?

The best way to enhance your foot job is by trying out the foot massage. Foot messages can be extremely sensual and can give you hard arousal. Along with foot massage, you can use tens unit to make the whole moment more exciting. Make the mood by lighting some scented massage candles and give your partner an amazing foot message so that her/him can’t resist and make her/him want more.

Q3. What are the things to keep in mind before trying foot Job?

Always make sure your feet are well-cleaned and hydrated. Do not forget to clip your nails before trying out foot jobs, long nails can give you scratches and bruises and can make your partner uncomfortable if you try penetration. So, always moisturize your feet and take proper care of your feet for the best foot job experience.

Q4. How to communicate with your partner about a foot fetish?

The best thing to do is always start slow. Do not throw your fetishes and desires all at once at your partner. Always communicate with your partner and give them some time. Make them believe how you can make the whole process more comfortable and satisfying, and how much it can help to spice things up.


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