Why do some people enjoy being spanked during sex

In the Sexual fetish and preference world, there is a huge buzz around butts in general. While some are more into the breasts, others find butts much more potent at exuding pleasure. This does prove that butts are one of the high ranking erogenous zones in the human body so they are included during foreplay, … Read more

Spanking for Beginners – BDSM Training

Out of so many BDSM kinks, one of the most popular and the most fantasized kinks is Sexual Spanking. Without a shadow of a doubt, every couple, BDSM or Vanilla has thought about trying out Spanking in bed. The intensity might vary for a Vanilla Spanking and a BDSM Spanking but the combination of pleasure … Read more

Equality in Total Power Exchange Dynamics

Popularly, a BDSM relationship is quite negatively perceived with a rough and wild image attached, with no sense of boundaries or consent. Just because it is a different way of exploring Sexual kinks makes it susceptible to all judgment. A subcategory of BDSM that also gets a lot of flak is the Total Power Exchange … Read more