sexual hair pulling Blog

Pulling Hair I Love it Butttips

Are you one of the couples who love experimenting in bed and keep on trying new things? Or has your partner recently communicated that they would like to indulge in something steamy like Sexual Hair Pulling? If not, I suggest you stop reading right here and go have a conversation …
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what is bdsm Blog

What is BDSM? Why Do People Love It? Dark Desires?

There is something exciting about BDSM as those who participate in it are doing what they most enjoy in the bedroom. Whether it’s taking over the nerves of your partner’s life or letting go of all power in the bedroom, BDSM can be incredibly erotic. It is the chance to …
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When Should I Bring Up Polyamory?

Exploration has been a virtue of humane kin ever since probably we have come into the holy existence. We have wondered about men and women going beyond the perceived normal. I have always been deeply intoxicated by them. I am guessing we all have. Isn’t that the case?  When I …
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Fetish as a challenge Blog

Fetish as a Challenge

Humans are always seeking pleasures that soothe, it’s a basic human activity. Some get sexually aroused through different sex toys, such as vibrators, plugs, and dildos. While couples often indulge in a spectrum of sex plays such as anal, foot, and oral fetishes to summon their lusty cupids inside the …
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Can Feminist Female Submissive Blog

Can You Be A Feminist And A Female Submissive Both?

I am a feminist. I believe in the social, political, and economic equality of all genders. And I also happen to enjoy submission in my personal life. Because feminism is about choice and equity, it can encompass both of these seemingly contradictory positions. For me, being a feminist and being …
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Largest Kink Survey Blog

Be a Part of the Big Kink Survey

In case you come across a personality test on the TikTok platform, you should also know about the Largest Kink Survey making headlines, with more than two million views. Now, if you are wondering about your own kinks, this BDSM kink survey can definitely help you. This test can give …
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kinksters Blog

Embrace Your Desires with Like-Minded Kinksters | A Guide

Can you name any weird sex fetish you have ever heard of in your BDSM community? No, if you’re penning down footjobs into the list, that’s normal, and some people enjoy them! Let me change the question! Can you tell me the most gruesome sex fetish you’ve ever heard of? …
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bondage play party Blog

Your First Bondage Play Party

The Bondage play party: Popularly known as the holy grail of kinky communities, a play party with a gathering of like-minded, experimental individuals who are into BDSM. At this formal or informal gathering, people form groups and enjoy doing kinky things to one another while other people can choose to …
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Spice Things up With a Foot Fetish Blog

Spice Things up With a Foot Fetish | Toe-Curling Desires

Elevate your BDSM experience with powerful foot jobs. Foot fetish is a very common sexual kink and can help you boost your foreplay when performed in the right way. You can get a foot-kinkier fetish from various kinds of things. Some people can get aroused by the smell of your …
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