The Depths of Primal Fetish (Unleashing Your Inner Animal in the Bedroom)

What Does it Mean When Someone Identifies Themselves as “Primal”?

In case you have a wild fantasy to get wilder in the bedroom. Then do not worry you are definitely not alone. As people with primal fetishes have these hardcore thoughts of consensual biting, grunting, or scratching while they are doing any kind of sexual intercourse with their partners. It is a common attribute of these people during sexual intercourse which can be termed a primal fetish or a kink. 

In this context, the word primal is key which reflects on the earlier stage of the human development process. On this basis, primal fetish can be summarized as a more animalistic way of having sex. This primal fetish can range from various behaviors of people while they are having sexual intercourse like animal role-play, making animal noises, grunting, scratching, rough sex, hair pulling, and consensual biting kink. 

Also, there are various kinds of dynamics you can incorporate during Primal play like dominant and submissive, predator and prey, and hunter and prey.  These can be specified as some kinds of power play where the partners go through consensual activities on the basis of chasing for dominance. Different kinds of devices can also be used in this case.

What are the Basic Features of Primal Sex?

What are the Basic Features of Primal Sex?

Now in case you are wondering if primal play and animal play are the same. Then you are dead wrong. As Primal plays are not always Animal plays. Animal play is just one of the types under the huge term of Primal play. 

  • In this regard, Primal Sex as a broad term can be specified as an unadulterated form of honest sex. In this kind of sex, you can not feel any kind of masking as all the hidden secrets fall away in front of your partner. In this case, you do not need to indulge in any kind of sex act or know each other. You can get into each other quite naturally without any kind of pretense.   
  • In this way, you can easily engage in a silly and aggressive way while having sex with your partner. Additionally, you can do whatever you and your partner want as stupidity and silliness can easily be avoided. This can result in an animalistic way of having sex. 
  • With this process, you can freely express yourselves and do whatever comes up organically. It’s also about trusting your partner and vice versa. 
  • One of the other features of primal sex is that you can easily set a proper connection with your partner. While animal playing you can switch roles and push or stretch your boundaries with your partner. In this way, you can reach a newer side of both yourself and your partner. 
  • With the help of primal sex, you can act on your sexual intercourse on the basis of your instincts. This always helps as frequent overthinking can definitely harm your relaxation power, which can result in awkward sex. This is where acting on instinct can definitely allow you to acquire raw desire. 

So in case you are trying to lose all inhibitions and want to revel in sensuality then Primary Sex can allow you that. However, firstly you should always talk to your partner regarding certain guidelines and see if he or she gets to know about the boundaries. 

Want to Try Out Primal Sex BDSM? | Things You Need to Know

Want to Try Out Primal Sex BDSM? | Things You Need to Know

Within the broad BDSM primal play terms, Primal can be specified as certain animalistic behaviors during wild primal sex. In this way, both the dominant and submissive will mimic their favorite animal sounds during their sexual intercourse.

Get Connected with Your Raw Feelings 

Through this process, you can connect with your most animalistic and primitive self. It is pretty much regulated by raw feelings and instinctive emotions. 

Free Animalistic Nature

This kind of primal play in BDSM primal prey relationships is not restricted to any form of gender as anyone can acquire the role of a primal. In these kinds of relationships just like the dominant and submissive options, if one is playing a hunter the other partner will automatically be the prey. Through this process within the BDSM primal prey relationship, you can experience mating rituals just like wild animals like bears and wolves.

Intimate Connection with Partners

You can also notch up the volume of your senses to your partner. BDSM primal prey can definitely help you to get access to a more heightened sense of basic instincts. It can automatically increase your connection with your partner. If you want to achieve more carnal sexual pleasures then this kind of primal sex can definitely help you out. 

Freedom from Societal Constraints 

One of the other things you should know about primal sex within BDSM primal prey activities is that it allows you to free yourself up from every kind of societal constraint. With becoming more primitive during BDSM play times you can earn a lot of freedom internally. 

Safety Measures

Even though these are enough reasons you should definitely try out BDSM primal prey during BDSM relationships. However, you should also know some safety measures before trying it.

  • You need to properly communicate with your partners and earn their trust and respect. As even though the Primal Plays can be animalistic and instinctive in nature in any BDSM relationship you still need to consult your partner beforehand. 
  • In any Primal Play in a BDSM relationship, both partners should have the freedom of open dialogue during these scenes. 
  • Both partners should also have a safe word between them as the primal sex can get quite wild.
  • Open communication between both partners can be another safety tip for Primal Play in BDSM relationships. 

So if you want a full cathartic experience Primal Play can be a highly satisfactory procedure for you. Not only can it release you from all societal constraints but also can increase your connection with your partner. 

Different Ways to do Primal Kink

The overall concept of primal kink revolves around taking up animal roles and mimicking their sounds during sexual activities. While normal BDSM generally as a term can be meant for a more dominant and submissive relationship the primal kink can give you options for different types of relationships like hunter-prey and predator-mate. You also do not require any fancy sex toy like a butt plug.  Here are some of the ways you can enjoy Primal Kinks.

Instinct Based Role Play

If you are a person who feels really awkward in sexual intercourse then Primal Kinks can definitely help you to get over that. With the following organic instincts, you can definitely enjoy primal fetish during your sexual intercourse. Trust toward your partner also plays a crucial role as through this process you will be able to let out your raw emotions. 

You Might not Require any Sex Toys

While sex toys can be good for spicing up your sexual routine sometimes these can be really intimidating. Now in the case of Primal Kinks, there is no need for sex toys like a suction cup dildo for ultimate pleasure. In the case of your primal kink plays you can use your hair, nails, and strength rather than any of the sex toys like pocket pussy

Biting, Scratching, Wrestling, and Growling

With the following of your basic instincts, you can easily engage in primal kink. All of these sensual activities range from biting, scratching, and hair pulling to mimicking the sounds of animals. There also can be a lot of licking your partners, mutual masturbation, and many more. 


In the case of BDSM activities obviously, there will be a struggle to gain dominance over your submissive partner. It can be a pretty normal fight that needs to be under certain boundaries. However, it can get quite wild also but for that, you will obviously need to take consent from your partner. 


The primal kink can also get quite wild as well as you will roleplay as wild animals as well as your partner. You can chase your partner as wild animals inside your house corner them and pin them on the ground. This kind of chase also brings a lot of thrill to your sexual routine. 


Just like wild animals, you can also take down your submissive prey partner. However, there is a basic difference between a normal BDSM activity and a primal kink. As in normal BDSM, the submissive adopts a passive role where they do not show any fight whereas on the other hand in primal fetish, you can expect your submissive partner to give you a tough fight.  

Here is How To Do Primal BDSM

Here is How To Do Primal BDSM

In case you are looking to spice up your lifestyle during sexual activities by playing different kinds of roles then role-play is vital.  You can also use some sex toys from an Animal dildo to a rabbit vibrator In regard to your primal kink, you can definitely try out the following roles to heat up your sexual activities within the primal BDSM relationship. 

Hunter or a Predator 

In any primal BDSM relationship, there are two kinds of roles. One is a Dominant and the other is the Submissive. Here in the Primal Plays the Predator or the Hunter comes under the bracket of a Dominant type. In this case, the Hunter definitely charges their submissive partner just like a wild animal. Just running after your prey and consuming them can bring you a lot of thrill. Anyone who assumes a dominant role can enjoy this kind of thrill in their daily sexual intercourse. 

Prey or a Mate 

In the case of Primal Kink, the submissive partner can also be referred to as a prey or a mate. If you are a prey or a mate you can be directly opposite to the dominant partner. In this case, they like being chased by their dominant partners. This is where the concept of a mate can be slightly different than this as they can be someone who is aspired by the predator. In this regard the dominant chases them to have intercourse. 

Basic Understanding of Predator and Prey KInk 

In case you are wondering how to make your sexual lifestyle more spiced up and pleasurable there are various types of role plays you can look into. Here we will give you all the possible roles for you so that you can act differently non your sexual activities.  

Dominant Predator 

In the case of a predator prey kink, there is obviously a dominant companion who can be referred to as a Predator as well. These kinds of roleplayers really love chasing after their prey submissives and consuming them. It is just like a wildlife scenario as the dominant animal will pounce on their prey. But here it reflects on the couple’s sexual desires. This kind of dominating nature can be quite thrilling for couples as they can free themselves up from all social constraints. 

Submissive Prey 

The submissive predator prey kink on the other hand loves being chased by their dominating partners during sexual intercourse. They can also act quite bratty and hard to catch as this makes their passion for relationships even more exciting. This kind of sexual thrill can be initiated if the predator prey kink can get really hard to catch as this makes the entire chase more thrilling for the kink couple. 

Definition of Primal Prey in BDSM 

Within terms of BDSM activities Primal Prey can be specified as those individuals who let out their own animal instincts that are primal. However, in some cases, the primal can possess a submissive side to them as in this regard they can be called Primal Prey. All these individuals really love being chased by their dominating partners. However, they do not just surrender to their dominant partners that easily as they will definitely fight back. 

These individuals really focus on their baser instincts instead of obeying the rules of social constraints. They do take the instincts of some animals like foxes and wolves. The fighting they do can be very sexual and this also can take place due to the power exchange. Some of their fighting activities in a fun way consist of hair pulling, biting kink, and scratching.   

How Can You Be a Primal Hunter in BDSM Play 

Among all the Primals in a BDSM relationship, the dominant partner can be labeled as Hunter. If you are the charging person who is hunting for your submissive partner then you can be termed as a Primal Hunter in any BDSM relationship. In case you do everything to control and consume your prey then definitely you can be described as a Primal Hunter. 

In these situations, the actions that are expected from you can consist of biting kink, kicking, scratching, and so on. Obviously, these kinds of actions will be done with the consent of your partner. Through this process, you both can enjoy seamless unadulterated love and affection toward each other. 

In case you do want to turn into a Primal hunter you can take the role of a tiger or a lion or a fox as they are much more powerful than other timid animals. In this way, they can show their animalistic love to their partners. Through this process, you can turn up your baser animalistic instincts during your sexual intercourse. 

If you want to achieve the full Primal Hunter role then you should solely focus on your aim which is to chase your prey and submit them with your dominance. 

Want to Achieve Primal Dominance!! Here is How to Do it 

In the case of any BDSM relationship, the role of primal dominance can be given to both sides of the partnership. Anyone can have an animalistic side to their sexual intercourse and can be termed a Primal without any requirement of a sex toy like anal lubes. This animalistic action consists of biting, scratching, and wrestling. The relationship dynamic here is properly based on pack dynamics. On the one side, there is the alpha dominant figure whereas, on the other hand, there is the beta who is submissive. 

In case you want to learn the role of a BDSM primal hunter then you should definitely have dominating activities like chasing your prey. 

What is Prey Kink

In any BDSM Primal relationship, the submissive partner can be someone who really likes being chased by their dominating partner. In this case, they really enjoy the thrill of being hunted down by their predator partner during sexual activities. This kind of prey BDSM fetish can be aroused by pushing the boundaries with your partner. As this involves various types of activities like biting, scratching, and wrestling.


If you are looking to tear apart all the pretenses and inhibitions during sexual intercourse then you definitely have primal instincts. Through this process, you along with your partner can break off all the social shackles and engage in wild free sex. It is mentally quite a freeing exercise to engage in as not only it can make your connections stronger but also can give you more pleasure. With roleplaying different kinds of dynamics and activities like biting, and scratching you can enjoy the freedom and the sexual kink with your partner. 

With this process, you and your partner can explore newer experiences as well as know about new personality traits of each other.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What is a primal fetish?

Ans. Within the BDSM terms, primal fetish can be referred to as a kind of sexual pleasure in which you can play part in a primal way. These kinds of sexual activities have no definitive rules as they can be either gentle or painful. You can have the full freedom to cross certain boundaries without any inhibition during your sexual activities with your partner. 

Q2. What is a primal kink?

Ans. The term Primal Kink can be referred to as taking part in sexual activities in an animalistic way. In this way, you and your partner can free yourself from all the sexual acts and inhibitions. You can easily revel in each other like primal creatures during your sexual activities.   

Q3. What does primal mean sexually?

Ans. Within sexual terms Primal means showing raw animalistic passion during sexual activities. In this way, you can become like a wild animal where you and your partner can engage in wild sexual intercourse. In this process, the partners can roleplay various kinds of wild animals and enact predator and prey dynamics. 

Q4. What is primal sex?

Ans. Primal sex can be best described as an animalistic way of having sex with your partner. In this way, you can go back to the basic primal days of human existence when there were no inhibitions. It is all about raw unadulterated passion shown to your partner during sexual activities.  

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