Can you name any weird sex fetish you have ever heard of in your BDSM community? No, if you’re penning down footjobs into the list, that’s normal, and some people enjoy them! Let me change the question! Can you tell me the most gruesome sex fetish you’ve ever heard of? Something that made you steer clear of trying BDSM with a stranger that you met on your BDSM social app? 

Some terrifying sexual fantasies can involve bodily harm and are all about breaking the boundaries of traditional sex society. You may find some terrifying kinks and fantasies in the closet of some extremist kinksters, and you might feel blessed that your partner has none of these weird fetishes. But before we open you to some of these terrifying sexual fantasies, let’s talk about kinksters. Why are they called crazy, and it is safe to go bondage with them home alone? 

What is a Kinkster?

What is a Kinkster

A kinkster can be a group of people or an individual who loves sexual activities that normal people can find weird, and unnatural. A kinkster is a person who loves to break laws and try to experiment with pleasure out of the sexual norms that cannot be accepted by normal people. The word “Kinkster” is derived from the term Kink which means excitement, orgasm, and pleasure. Kinksters gravitate more toward different forms of sexual play that are considered taboo or sinful act by society. It can be all aspects of BDSM, anal, or oral sex. 

Signs To Find Out that your Partner is a Kinkster

There’s nothing to be afraid of being kinky, or having some weird sex fetish that other people may find a mood killer. Everyone has a different kink button, some people like to have anal sex, while other people like to go deep throat penetration. There’s nothing wrong if you inject a little kink into your sex life until it’s not harmful. 

Signs To Find Out that your Partner is a Kinkster

You’ve just started your relationship with a random guy or girl you met on tinder, and your sex hormones are fizzing out to explode while trying something new under the sheets. But, you aren’t sure if your partner is a romantic lover or a kinkster so you take things up slowly. Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are a few symptoms of a kinkster that you should look up to in your partner, which includes the following:

Your Partner mostly talks about some Sexual Fetishes in General

Your Partner mostly talks about some Sexual Fetishes in General

You guys are on a date, and you are grabbing a third bite of your burger. Suddenly your partner says ” I like the way you’re taking your bite, it looks sexy ”. Ugh, you stop in your tracks and put down your burger giving him/her a weird smile. If something like this has ever happened to you that your partner has some hard-wired sex hormones and he is a big-Sex-plorer. 

Now, it’s your time to take charge. Start talking about some random and out-of-the-world sex fetishes, and look at how they react to it. 

Your Partner will tell you Different Fetishes to see your Reaction

Your Partner will tell you Different Fetishes to see your Reaction

Your partner will throw you some random fetishes, like, do you know anything about bondage or retifism? Before you ask them to slow down they start their search engine and come up with a whole wikipedia about different kinds of fetishes.

One day, after working out, I went to a park near my house. Here one guy sat down next to me and randomly started talking about things. At first, it was kind of weird for me to know why a boy is taking interest in me, why he has so many questions about what I do, and what are my hobbies. Then after a few talks, he switched on his true intention. While talking, he started a gay porn video on his mobile phone and showed it to me. 

He just wanted to have a signal if I am in the same boat or not. If something like this has ever happened to you in a relationship where one day your partner randomly suggests you watch the same porn linked with a foot fetish stuff. Then it’s a green signal to take things forward.

Reasons why you should Date Kinkster

Reasons why you should Date Kinkster

Kinksters are not psycho killers, the ones that you see in movies. They are just normal people who want to explore sex and enjoy breaching boundaries. But yes, some feel aroused while seeing another partner in pain. Such people take BDSM to the next level, where they want to dominate their partners and unlock the horrors of their kinky closet. You need to stay miles away from those psychopaths.

But some people are loyal and romantic partners, but devils are under the sheets. Here we have assembled some reasons why you should date a kinkster. 

You will have New Sex-periences

Sex is not just about vaginal dilation and penis penetration. While some encounters don’t require sex, it’s optional. Kinksters are a real pro and know how to give you higher realms of pleasure and make you wet or cum with sensations.

Kinksters willing to Trust Other

Trust is the chemical x for any type of BDSM encounter. Without trust, things cannot work out in bed. Because trust brings consent, and informed consent heats things in sex. 

Kinksters cannot live a Monotonous Life

Kinksters are curious souls and cannot live a 9 to 5 monotonous life, they don’t like daily bullshit. They are always in search of getting something more from life, and for that, they are willing to work day and night to make their lives better. 

Closing Thoughts 

Living with kinksters can spice up your sex life, they are a different breed. They are romantic lovers, ambitious, and adventurous! Well, that’s like a jack of all trades, right? We hope that you have a good read today! If you like today’s blog post, give thumbs up, show some love, and don’t be afraid of trying something new under the sheets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the term “kinkster” mean?

A kinkster is someone who is actively involved in kink or BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) activities. They may explore various fetishes, power dynamics, and alternative sexual practices.

Q2. Are all kinksters the same, or do they have different interests and preferences?

Kinksters have diverse interests and preferences within the realm of BDSM. Some may enjoy bondage, while others focus on domination and submission, role-playing, impact play, or other kinks. It’s a highly individual and personalized experience.

Q3. How do kinksters ensure safety and consent in BDSM activities?

Safety and consent are paramount in BDSM. Kinksters use safe words and establish clear boundaries before engaging in any activities. They prioritize open and honest communication to ensure all participants are comfortable and informed.

Q4. Are there communities or events for kinksters to connect and share experiences?

Yes, there are various BDSM and kink communities, both online and offline, where kinksters can connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. These communities often host events, workshops, and educational resources to promote safe and consensual BDSM practices.


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