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The topic of BDSM activities has always been taboo among common people for a long period of time. However, things have moved ahead, as you can now easily discuss different kinds of BDSM sexual activities with your family members. With a lot more research and knowledge, you can authoritatively discuss family dynamics.

Now spreading this type of relationship between two or three individuals within a family can be essentially called a BDSM Family. Here the family members can initiate different sorts of relationship dynamics like daddy/mommy. The family here can be headed by a paternal Dominant partner as that person can be both male or female.

In such a situation, the participants should definitely be telling the other family members about their BDSM role-play activities. In the modern day and age, you should definitely be proud of your own sexual identity.

Managing a kid with BDSM activities can be challenging for some people as you do need to know how to discuss this relationship. It is quite important for certain couples to let their other family members know about their kinks due to personal safety reasons and well-being. So in this piece, we will give you tips on how to introduce the topic of BDSM to your family members but first of all, let’s find out the exact meaning of the BDSM family dynamic.     

What Is BDSM Family?

What Is BDSM Family

A BDSM family dynamic will consist of a couple or more people engaging in a BDSM relationship where they can be open about it with other family members. These groups of people will be living together as they will engage in different kinds of relationship structures like daddy/mommy or master/servant roles.

This kind of family dynamic will have to be well-defined for each and every family member. In this regard, the Dominant partner of the family will lead as they will take over the duties of the entire household. 

  • The BDSM families will have their Dominant figure within the family as they can be both male or female. 
  • Within the different family members, all provide equal love to all.
  • Obviously, this kind of love excludes the couple’s play activities. 
  • The couple will define the topic of BDSM to all the family members so that they will understand the natural aspects of this.

How To Introduce BDSM In a Family Environment

How To Introduce BDSM In a Family Environment

The first step you should take if you are in a BDSM Relationship is to engage with the other members of your family, as it can be essential to build a proper BDSM Family dynamic. It is an important step as your family might be concerned about some things that they have seen you engage in. In case you are a BDSM couple living with a kid, then it is important to discuss these topics to maintain the BDSM family dynamic. Here are some of the ways you can do it. 

Do Not Treat Them as Outside Members

Do Not Treat Them as Outside Members

If you are engaging in BDSM activities, it is better that you should discuss it with other family members. In this regard definitely do not treat them as some kind of outsider as these are the common mistakes everyone makes. In some cases, they might know about you from some other sources, so openly discussing with them can definitely help. 

Hence, for this open communication, you should not treat them as outsiders as this creates a divide between you and other members. Engaging with them can definitely help in regard to your BDSM introduction.     

Open Conversation

Open Conversation

In case you are dealing with a little kid as a couple, it is better that you should initiate an open conversation about your lifestyle choices. As any kid can be quite inquisitive about everything it is better that you should have an open conversation about your BDSM Family dynamics. It is extremely important that you should have an open conversation about these things for both of your well being. In this regard, if you are honest with them then you can have a much healthier Family BDSM dynamic.

Decision To Share

Decision To Share

You simply cannot lie about these BDSM family dynamics to other members, as they will automatically know themselves if they see you in some inappropriate positions on sex chairs. So to start out in a better way, you should share these dynamics with your other members of the family for their better understanding. 

With the following points, you can easily introduce your BDSM activities within your family environment. These things can definitely make your BDSM Family dynamics a lot smoother in your household setting in the days to come. 

Rules and Protocols To Follow In a BDSM Family

Rules and Protocols To Follow In a BDSM Family

Now, in case you and your partner have an underaged kid and you are engaging in BDSM activities, then obviously you can not allow them to see certain things like rope play. So, against this background, you definitely need to follow specific rules or protocols and Safe words so that things that you do in your private bedrooms do not get leaked to other members. 

Sharing information about having BDSM activities is one thing, whereas sharing detailed information about your kink play is not really pleasurable, especially with your kids. Here are some of the rules you should follow so that everything works out pretty smoothly within the entire family. 

  • If you have a little kid, you should keep away all the sex toys from them. However, if they accidentally find it out, you should discuss it with them and then take it away. In this way, you can make them understand your relationship without hiding it. Therefore, you can introduce your BDSM relationship with them without any awkward moments. This process is also important for them to understand their own sex life.
  • In any kind of BDSM activity, one will definitely have to be the Dominant partner and the other one will have to be the Submissive partner. Now in certain cases, things might get a little wild and you can use specific phrases or nicknames to call out your partner. Now, these things can only happen between couples; in front of a third person, you should not partake in these kinds of actions, especially in front of your kids. Within the BDSM family dynamic, it is essential to treat your partner with proper safety and care. Through this process, you can teach your kids about life in general. 
  • BDSM does not always mean that you have to engage in power play with your partner as it involves other activities as well that includes using sex restraints. Maintaining the boundaries and taking the consent of your partner is also another rule you have to follow to maintain the Family BDSM dynamic.  
  • The usage of wordplay in BDSM activities is also another thing you should keep maintaining in front of your kids. However, there is another way around it as well as you can simply tell them that you and your partner are engaging in BDSM talk. In this process, you can make them realize that you are doing normal activities.    

How Can You Manage Kids Within Any BDSM Family Environment

How Can You Manage Kids Within Any BDSM Family Environment

BDSM activities revolve around the Dominant and Submissive partner, so managing any kid in this relationship will need certain ways to communicate it to them. Obviously, there are some activities you can not engage in in front of your little kid and at that same time, you will need to properly introduce this subject to them as well. Now there are definite rules and protocols you should manage to properly introduce this topic to your kids.

Using any kind of wordplay in front of the kids can be prohibited as there can be specific phrases that you might use only during your sexual intercourse. If the kid accidentally hears these phrases, then you can make them understand your specific role-play activities with your partner. You can not completely ignore this as it might leave the kid uninformed about these matters.  

Hiding your sex toys and tens unit is also another way you can keep things hidden from your kid. However, if they still find it, do not keep it away and explain to them about these things. This kind of open conversation can educate your kid about these things so that they will not be awkward in the future.

Managing a little kid in a BDSM family dynamic will require you to go through these moments. It is important that you handle these situations with open-mindedness. Without any kind of communication, you might lose this form of clarity with your little children. It is important for you to realize that sexual role play is not that uncommon at all in the current times. So it is better that you should communicate these things with your kid to maintain your BDSM Family dynamic.


BDSM activities are not considered taboo in the current day and age as there are a lot of individuals who engage in these kinds of activities. If you just keep away the sex toys from your little kid and all the kinky bedroom stuff, then there is no problem discussing this with them. 

In fact, if you can properly manage these rules, you can easily handle all of your BDSM family talks. Just make sure that you keep all of your bedroom activities away from them as they can be a little bit heavy. If you completely ignore their inquisitiveness, it can also make them really awkward within the family environment. So, it is better that you should manage these rules and protocols to enjoy your BDSM Family dynamic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is BDSM family?

BDSM Family will revolve around the Dominant and Submissive partners and both of them can communicate that process with the other family members. Here the partners will not hide their BDSM-related activities from other close family members. Equal love can be provided to all in this kind of dynamic. 

Q2. What kind of activities can you engage in a BDSM family?

In a BDSM family dynamic, you can engage in all the BDSM-related activities like role play and other things. However, there will be certain bedroom-related activities that you can not engage in front of your kids like phrase play or wordplay.

Q3. Can kids be part of the BDSM family dynamic?

The entire concept of the BDSM Family revolves around communicating your BDSM-related activities with your close family members. Now, in the case of little kids, if they accidentally find out about your kink and BDSM Hair pulling, then you should explain it to them rather than hiding it. So kids can definitely be in the communication process within any BDSM family environment. 

Q4. How to handle BDSM family talk?

Handling any sort of BDSM Family dynamic will require you to manage certain rules and protocols. These rules can consist of open communication, treating the other family members as knowledgeable people, openness to share, giving them more credit, and so on. Through managing these protocols, you can definitely handle any kind of BDSM family conversation. 


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